Sketching of Syed Anis Shah Jilani (Read a Few Titles)


  • Saira Irshad Governmnet Sadiq College Women Univerity Bahawalpur


Sketch, Personal Identity, In-Depth Observation, Bold Writing, Height, Apocalypse, Scientific and literary ideas, immersed in poetry and speech


Syed Anis Shah Jilani was the patron of "Mubarak Urdu Library". Many of his works came to light. A collection of sketches of Syed Anis Shah Jilani has been published under the title" Aadmi ghsnimat hai". He had several meetings with the personalities he made the subject of, and had been in contact with some for many years. Syed Anis Shah Jilani examined each person with a few specific references and then made it the subject of his writing. Abdul Majeed Hairat Shamlavi, Shahid Ahmad Dehlavi, Niaz Fateh Puri, Qazi Ehsan Ahmad Shujaabadi, Maulana Ghulam Rasool Mehr, Syed Mubarak Shah Jilani, Maulana Mahir-ul-Qadri, Raees Amrohi, June Ayya, Zahida Hina and many other important literary personalities. Atwar, love life, ideas, religious thoughts and strengths and weaknesses are specially covered in the pen. Syed Anis Shah Jilani's sketching is an important addition to Urdu sketching thanks to its impartiality in the light of its set principles and all the rules of art sketching.