Feminine Reference of ‘New Poetry’


  • Rizwana Naqvi Lecturer Urdu, GACW, Jalal Pur Sharif, Jhelum


Women Entity, New Poetry, Modern Life, Clamour, Individulism


Urdu Literature and Poetry is incomplete without entity of woman character. In Urdu poetry especially in Urdu poem, from old age to modern era  the woman character has been revolved in the stinted circle of love and comeliness, Hitherto in the age of Rashid and Meera Jee there came a change and this measured circle became more infinite and diverse but for tremendous and revolutionary change , urdu poem is indebted of ‘‘ New poetry's Lisani Tashkeelat '' . In New poetry's Lisani Tashkeelat woman come infront with the unconventional and informal but full of ideality personage, which unlocks the discolouration of kinship and verjuice in modern life. It reveals the clamour of industrial age and prepetual agony of modern human who is vibrating constantly in the hell of absurdity and unavailingness but this agonising journey is endless and the woman is rudimentary remit of this bane. This visage of woman is quiete novel and single in new urdu poem which not only consolidate the novelity and individualism of New poetry's movement but also guide and influenced the urdu poem and literature indirectly which was devious from the specific circle of this movement. In this aritcle few glimpse of woman character in new poetry's indicent poets are presented, to show how the woman character was single and unconventional from accustomed Urdu poetry and poem.