Professor Yousaf Hassan - Active Progressive Poet


  • Najma Usman Lecturer, Urdu Department, The Women University, Multan
  • Samina Yasin Ph.D Scholar, The Women University, Multan


Yousuf Hassan, Progressive Poet, Marxist Approach, Socialist, struggle


This article encompasses Yousaf Hassan’s poetic thought ideologically, he possessed a Marxist approach also practically he has been an active socialist throughout his life. His poetry has really gone well in harmony with his practical struggle. Through his poetry he strikes those exploiting forces, really hard, which have always got huge financial benefit at the cost of hardworking poor class of this world. This very democratic struggle against the ever ruling elite class, is a prominent vein of his poetry. The resourceful rolling class has always been trying to suppress this struggle. Prof Yousaf Hassn’s always raise voice for social justice and humanism. Infect he can be called a modern progressive poet.