“Gaye Dino Ka Suragh” By Nisar Aziz Butt (Active Attitude from Political Point of View)


  • Lubna Naseer Assistant Professor (Urdu), Government Graduate College for Women, Bahawalpur.


Era, New path, Associated, Authour's life, Partition, Unfold layer, Sensitive, delicate


Nisar Aziz Butt is a great novelist of his era and cannot be ignored in the history of Urdu literatures- She was awarded the Presidential Medal for Excellence in Performance on 14 August 1995, while Majlis Forough Urdu Literature, Doha awarded him in 2013. Among his famous works are four novels, Nagri Nagri Phira Masafari, Ne Chiraghe Ne Gule, Karwan Award and Darya Ke Sang, while in his autobiography, Gaey Dino ka Suraajh are popular. Nisar Aziz Butt not only attracted the educated class with his writings throughout his life but also set a new path for them, which gave rise to new challenges for the people associated with literature.

In the 'Gaey Dino Ka Suraagh", where the events of the author's life unfold layer by layer, the environment before and after the partition of India, the many colors of the literary, bureaucratic and political chessboard of Pakistan and a sensitive and delicate heart can be seen.