Khalida Hussain Journey of Identity


  • Humaira Hafeez
  • Shahid Nawaz assistant prof


Urdu Fiction, Female Writers, Women Identity, Feminist, Khalida Hussain, Short Stories


In Urdu fiction,there are very few women writers, which contributed a bit to giving a women identity through their fiction. Mostley women writers paint women identity in their fiction as society likes and describe. Among few writers a prolific writer Khalida Hussain contributed a lot by her collection of short stories and a novel. Though Khalida Hussain never claim herself a feminist but her reputation and greatness lies in her ability and creativity to paint inner pain of women in a very moderate way. She wrote six collections of short stories and one novel. Here in this paper, we would like to highlight the feminist aspect of her collection of short stories collection named “Pehchan”.