Reportage of Dr. Fatima Hassan: A Critical Study


  • Saira Batool assistant prof


Fatima Hassan, Reportage, Mele Main Gum, Adha Gaou Mahram, Hindustan, Dhakka, Binglore, Dehli


Dr. Fatima Hassan is well-acclaimed for her literary works in both genres of poetry and prose, such as, romantic poetry, lyrics, fiction, criticism, research, column and reportage writing. A number of M.A. and M.Phil. levels theses have been written in appreciation of her literary contribution. The hallmark of her entire works is projection of a woman who being very confident, vibrant and dynamic does not suffer at all from any inferiority complex in the chauvinistic society. Rather, she believes in equal footings with men and is fully committed to establish herself and get the recognition she deserves on merit. Her reportages “Aadha Gaon” and “Melay main Gum”, which relate to her two travelogues to Bangladesh and India, are truly representative of an amazing intertwined blend of feministic tendencies and religious inspirations at the same time.