Jilani Kamran’s Poetry: A Beautiful Blend of Poetry and Drama


  • Irum Saba Assistant Professor, Urdu Department, Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
  • Yasmeen Kousar Assistant Professor (Urdu), University of Sialkot, Sialkot.
  • Shagufta Firdoos Assistant Professor (Urdu), Govt. College for Women University, Sialkot.


jilani Kamran Reliabale, Terms, Grief, New Directions, Technique, Narration, Civilization, Combination


Jilani Kamran is an important name among the representative poets of modern poetry. His name is very reliable in terms of both new poetry and new criticism. The main axis of his poetry is man and his life. Jilani Kamran is not only the suffering of human life but they have a sense of grief, also know how to describe this grief. Jilani Kamran has given a new direction to the technique of characterization in the new poem. He has used the technique of narration especially in his poems "Bagh-i Dunya, Abi Nimr" and "Naqsh-e-Kaf-i-pa". Dramatic elements are seen in Jilani Kamran's poems. Monologue and dramatic style of speech are also found in Jilani Kamran's poems. Somewhere in the poem, he presents a regular scene before the stanzas which are part of the drama technique. Sometimes there is dramatic self-talk, sometimes narrative technique. In most of his poems, the story runs like a drama. It feels like Jilani Kamran laments the fading civilization with the beautiful combination of poetry and drama.