“Nau Lakhi Kothi”: A Narrative of the Cultural History of the United Punjab


  • Ghulam Farida Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, International Islamic University, Islamabad.
  • Aqlima Naz Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu Zuban-O-Adab, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.


Ali Akbar Natiq, Naulakhi Kothi, Cultural of the United PUnjab, Post Colonial Era, William


Ali Akbar Natiq is one of the prominent contemporary Urdu fiction writers. His novel “Nau Lakhi Kothi” is a vivid cultural narrative of post colonial Indian Punjab. This novel describes the history of a certain era. The common (Hindu-Muslim) civilization and culture of Punjab presented in the novel seems to be the legacy of a particular class. The author's attachment to this civilization is also a subconscious motivation. The cultural harmony of the novelist presents the post colonial attitude of this era in a very changed form. A whole new perspective has been created. William’s attitude towards the natives is conciliatory and sympathetic. The author has tried to cover the social, political and intellectual attitudes of this period along with summarizing the cultural history of the entire period.