As A Critic In The Light Of His Published Articles Professor Khalil Siddiqui


  • Saima Abbas Ph.D Scholar Urdu, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
  • Aqeela Javaid Professor Urdu, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan


Linguistics, Critic, Art, Literary Magazines, Sanskrit, Critical Approach, Poetry, Iqbal, Prakrit, Expertise, Criticism, Value


Professor Khalil Siddiqui has a well-known and reputed status in Urdu Linguistics. However, as a critic, he has not been recognized for his full meaning and scope. Despite not being too active with participation in the critic circles yet purely on the merit and value of his critiques, he can be rated amongst the finest critics. His various articles on criticism were published in different literary magazines. They all give us an insight into his creativity and vision and leave no doubt in one’s mind that if he had pursued the field of criticism, would have left a deep impact on the Urdu language and would have been at the highest place in it. His published articles on Allama Iqbal and Ghalib showed new dimensions of study for both poets. His replies to the articles of Aain-ul-Haq Fareedkoti are not just observations; instead, clear the fact that he is not only an expert linguist but also has a great vision in the content of criticism. In an essay, he courageously pointed out the negative behavior of Western linguistics toward Muslim Philosophers. Besides all this, his other expertise is that he criticized his own literary works which are remarkable. His writings are not just witnesses to his linguistic skills but also to his par excellence abilities in the field of criticism of literature; both prose and poetry. So his work on criticism cannot be ignored. In this research paper, the published work of Professor Khalil Siddiqui in criticism has been evaluated so that his critical approach can be defined.