Structuralism Post Structuralism Theoretical Discussions


  • Shakeel Hussain Assistant Professor, Govt. Millat Associate College, Multan
  • Imtiaz Ahmad Head Master Govt. High School Bohar, Multan
  • Hammad Rasool Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, BZU, Multan


Literary texts, code, symbols, text, meaning, cyber century, literary discourse.


"Structures, post-structures in two different but modern intellectual systems that seem to be interconnected on many ideological and spiritual levels. Structures give literary texts dignity and a scientific way to read them. Explains the code, symbols and formalities of literary texts at the earliest level. Metaphysics raises questions about text and meaning and offers a study of language and text. The new century is on its way as a cyber-century in which structural metaphysics helps to create new literary discourses by highlighting new directions and possibilities through the symbols and codes hidden in literary texts, combining metaphysics and application. Is providing".