A Research and Critical Review of the Controversy of Josh and Shahid in the Tradition of Literary Controversy with Special Reference “Saqi” (Josh Number).


  • Rukhsana Parveen emerson university


Key Words: Josh Malih Abadi, Shahid Ahmad Dehlvi, Afkar (Josh Number), Saqi (Josh Number), Literary Controversy.


The tradition of literary controversy is very old. The Arab’s poets used the means of satire to establish their virtue and fame. Sometimes writers would be grouped and they would come to the level of personalities. In such a case, their art would go behind the scenes and their personality would be exposed. The writer is not only the reflection of society but   also  a sensitive and mature person of the society. That is why he adorns the knowledge, he acquires through his experiences and observations in the form of his thoughts. His thoughts leave a positive or negative effects on the rest of the society. Also chooses whether they belong to the genre of poetry or to prose but sometimes the point of view of one writer may differ from another. The way Shahid Ahmad Dehlvi disagreed with Josh Malihabadi on linguistic issues and it grew so much that both the writer go skewed and divided each other personal affairs and mudslinging which benefited neither literature nor their caste. But, promoted the negative impression by it. In this situation the reader became just a spectator. So, a writer should try this on his own, does not violate the literary requirements