Characters of Majeed Amajd’s Poetry in Cultural Context


  • Zarghona Kanwal Govt Associate College Mumtazaabad Multan
  • Farhana Kanwal Assistant Professor (Urdu), Govt. Associate College, Sillanwali, Sarghoda


،مجید امجد تہذیب و ثقافت،عوامی کلچر ،بقدیر کا جبر ،بچہ ،بہکارن ،گدا گر،جاروب کش ،بار کش `عام لوگوں کی عکاسی ر


The Poet represents the culture and civilization of his era by incorporating his thoughts and ideas into poetry. The poetry of Majeed Amjad occupies a unique portion due to the diversity of thought, themes, and structure in the tradition of Urdu poetry. That is why, the role of poetry is recognized as of paramount importance in all the arts and cultures of the world. In addition to emotional depth, and cultural heritage, the poetry of Majeed Amjad also portrays the living characters of our culture and the beauty of local seasons which is absent in the works of his contemporaries. Majeed Amjad has a unique expression for Urdu poetry. In his lifetime, his poetry could not gain prominence and recognition in literary circles. Indeed he was the forerunner of public culture. His characters are so common that no other than Nazir Akbar Abadi considered them important. The article writer has studied the characters of Majeed Amjad's poetry in a cultural context