Urdu Nasri Afsanavi Mein Lahore ki Tehzeeb o Saqafat


  • Zahida Bashir Lahore College University


Urdu Literature, Lahorite Culture, Civilization, Lahore, Subcontinent


There are no two opinions about the cultural importance of Lahore as a part of civilization of this part of subcontinent. There is also no gainsaying the fact that the short stories of Urdu Literature have played a vital role, if not the pivotal role in sponsoring nearly all dimensions of Lahorite Culture enveloped by the civilization of different era in a broader perspective. Be it the fiction of Intezar Hussain or bold narration by Rehman Muznab. Be it the feminine version of Bano Qudsiya or the progressive articulation by Dr. Anwar glimpses of Urdu fiction on Lahore in the fascinating and nostalgic stories of A. Hameed. It can be safely proclaimed that the fiction produced by A. Hameed is scintillating and encompasses the fields of Lahori culture at grass root level. All said and done, it is above board and without a grain of salt that the short story fiction of Urdu literature splendidly expresses the culture and civilization of Lahori in different periods of time.