Asif Farukhi ke Afsanon Techniqi Mutala


  • Rukhsana Parveen assistant proffessor


Asif Farrukhi, urdu short story, style, symbols, techniques


Asif Farrukhi, an enormously prolific, creative, genius, occupies a significant position among the short story writers who made their debut in the 1970s. The 20th century literature exhibited the use of unique themes and the employment of numerous techniques by the literary artists of craftsmen. Asif Farukhi is an inseparable part of that constellation of literary figures who apart from writting on variety  of themes, employed multi techniques as well. Uniqueness of themes freshness of style and skilful use of the creative techniques are some of the specialities which give Asif Farukhi a prominent niche among the contemporary Urdu short story writers.