Khalid Fateh Muhammad k novel Shehr madfoon ka Takziati mutala


  • Zeigham Raza Mphil Scholor BZ University Multan
  • Liaqat Ali


Khalid Fateh Muhammad, Shehr e Madfoon, Novel, Colonialism, Punjab


Khalid Fateh Mohammad is one of the important contemporary fiction-writers in modern Urdu fiction. He writes both novels & short stories. His Fiction concludes and describes both geographic and cultural units of Punjab e.g., Urban & Rural, by culture and civic point of view as well as historic and religious. A deep socio-political and postcolonial vision can be felt through the fiction of Khalid Fateh Muhmmad. This research paper consists of his latest novel "Shehr-i-Madfoon" in respect of said narrative.