Thematic study of Anwar Sin Roy’s novel "Scream"


  • Nazia Ansari The Women University Multan


Anwar Sin Roy’s novel "Scream" was firstly published on March, 1987 under the Shahrzad Publications. This novel has been declared as the first FIR against martial law in which he has boldly criticized the political oppression. He is his own example. The subject of this novel is martial law, repression of martial law and senseless violence. In the novel, Anwar Sin Roy has talked about the violent actions of the dictatorial regime, the relentless use of force, the brutal behavior of investigators whose wererestricted freedom of expression, the injustice of the judiciary, indifference of the judges, the views of progressives and in addition to the backlash against it, a successful attempt has been made to take a critical look at these issues such as growing apathy and detachment in the country. The novel also discusses the role of Information department, the press and electronic media. All of these sectors never fully describe the violence, but the real facts are kept secret from the public. Violent bodies are never shown to the public so that they do not become aware of these mysteries. The novel also describes all the investigative methods that are common in our society. The novel begins with an investigation and ends with investigative tactics. It not only determines the relationship between the individual and society. In addition, the linguistic, social, moral attitudes and problems associated with society and its structure have also been examined in a philosophical manner.