Study of the Genre and form of Sufi Music

کافی کی صنف اور ہیئت کا مطالعہ


  • Khalid Iqbal BZU Multan
  • Muhammad Ajmal
  • Sadia Rafiq


Kafi, Poetry, Raag of music, Parent scale, Ameer Khusro, Shah Hussain, Ghazal, Mysticism, Sufisum


Kafi is a popular genre of poetry and it is also a raag of music. There are certain basic parent scale(ٹھاٹھ (of music from which one parent scale is kafi. This parent scale has given birth to many other raag and ragnis. According to researchers its originator was Ameer Khusro. Kafi as genre of music demands to be written in Kafi raag. Pioneers of kafi are Shah Hussain, Bullay Shah, Sachal Sarmast and Khawaja Ghulam Fareed. Itsform has no particular shape. It has paved the way of Ghazal. Mysticism, Sufisum, Love and devotion are the maon themes of Kafi.